Anne and Anita in Oradea – Help for People to People

Anne Ylitalo and Anita Pylvänäinen-Kröger brought the next busload of relief supplies to the organization People to People in Oradea. We learned from Nicu Gal how much the field of activity of his organization p2p has been expanded through the work for people who have fled from the Ukraine and how urgently aid supplies are now constantly needed.

Anne and Anita put together an aid transport with food, clothing, storage shelves, walkers and other useful materials. We were surprised and deeply impressed by how extensive the refugee work activities led by Nicu Gal have become. When the flow of refugees from Ukraine began, the willingness to help was very high, but it quickly became clear that the activities had to be coordinated as effectively as possible. A reception center for refugees was set up in a shopping center.

We visited this center and we could see on site how well all organizations – People to People, Oradea City Immigration Department, Labor Office, Police, Red Cross, etc. – work together professionally. The center can also temporarily accommodate refugees before they can access more permanent housing. Among other things, Nicu Gal received two buildings south of Oradea from a Swedish missionary organization to accommodate refugees. One of the two buildings accommodates mothers with their disabled children.

Anne Ylitalo