Month: July 2022

Relief Supplies for Oradea

For many years, HILFE und HOFFNUNG has been supporting the Romanian children’s charity people2people ( in Oradea (formerly Großwardein, also called the “Gateway to Transylvania” – This city is 500 km from Vienna and 250 km from Budapest, on the Romanian border with Hungary. The head of people2people Nicu Gal recently picked up the relief supplies himself in Vienna.… Read more →

The War in Ukraine and My Journey

The news about the war in Ukraine kept me very busy from day one. I quickly knew that I couldn’t sit by and watch, I had to do something. I contacted our acquaintance Tanja Berezhnaya in Chernivtsi – a city in western Ukraine, the capital of Bukovina. Tanja has been running the organization “New Family” in Chernivtsi for many years… Read more →

Stones of Remembrance for the Families Zaidmann and Bohensky

Herminengasse 6, 1020 Wien  Alexander Zaidmann  Irma  Zaidmann  Charlotte  Zaidmann  In December 2016 we reported here about our visitors from America. After this first visit to Vienna, Celia W., the daughter of a Jewish lady who had emigrated from Vienna in 1939, arranged for a commemorative plaque to be attached to the last address of her maternal relatives through the “Stones of Remembrance” association… Read more →