About us

Alleviation of poverty

The association “HILFE und HOFFNUNG” supports the needy in Romania, Hungary and Ukraine with medicines, medical aids, food, clothing and money. Donations in kind and money are handed over personally as part of private aid transports, which are organized several times a year. Numerous small Jewish communities spread across the country, where above all the elderly live in poverty, Jewish retirement homes, hospitals and children’s homes in Romania are looked after.

Well-functioning local network

In the course of almost 30 years of activity of the association, which was founded by Eeva Huber-Huber, well-functioning distribution networks have been formed on site through personal contacts, so that the donations reach those in need quickly and directly.

At the suggestion of then Viennese State Opera Director Ioan Holender, Eeva Huber-Huber was awarded the Golden Decoration of Honor for services to the Republic of Austria in 2007.

The association is continued today by Councillor of Commerce Michael Feyer and the daughter of the founder, Tamara-Huber-Huber and other volunteers, after Eeva and Adalbert Huber-Huber died in an accident in April 2008 during one of the aid transports in Romania.

Thanks to the great support and the uninterrupted help of many, it is possible for the association to carry out more than ten aid transports a year.